a couple very different days…. making adjustments… (or perhaps  trying  to make adjustments)    🙂    no guests  in the house… no guests  coming in  until 10 days down the road… we are just honoring our existing reservations thru August 13th… (our new home page for the   B&B   tells the story.).. if you check the link, you will see why there are also no more  phone calls... no more  inquiries...  no more reservations  to process… no more money  coming in to deposit… all of which was philip’s life for the last 18 years.

Besides those adjustments… there is also no ellen here until Friday (she left early Monday to play super-nanna for Jon and Amy this week by helping care for the grandkids in Shelburne.

Putting my feet up 5 times a day for about an hour, has changed what one might refer to as any sort of   “normal sleep patterns”....even being as tired as I was at 10:00pm didn’t seem to matter tonight… here I am, typing at the computer at 1:00am after having spent a little time with an English Muffin and a cup of hot milk with honey and cinnamon.

Like I said… adjustments… these are the things He has put on my plate for the past couple days… so these are the things I need to adjust to… wondering yet one more time what He has planned for the next 24 hours…    🙂


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