the big one…

Not that I didn’t already know this… but… seems like I am learning it on an even much  deeper level  than ever before…  that just happens to be the way that God does things… no way can I get the  “whole package”  in one experience… He just cuts it in deeper and deeper and deeper with the  next experience …… I’m learning that the  big one… the biggest of all the adjustments… is  doing nothing….

There is nothing more difficult  to do  than  to do nothing…     🙂

All those  adjustments  I talked about last night are things that philip  did.  Things that gave me a sense of accomplishment….. some sort of acknowledgement of a job well done…. happy guests…. great reviews… providing an income for our family… there would be some form of recognition… sense of achievement… interaction with others in the industry… etc. etc.

That has all ground to a halt.  Philip goes up the stairs, puts his feet up, comes down the stairs, eats a little something, washes his dishes, works to clean up his computers, goes back upstairs, 5 times a day…. this is not a pity party…. this is His process… necessary in order for Him to continue to work His  perfect work  in philip… as I embrace the process…. and see what the Lord is working into my experience… each day… one day at a time.

Helplessness is a  learned  thing… and a thing that is  necessary to be learned... as I wait… and adjust my preferences to  His preferences… wherever that takes me.



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3 Responses to the big one…

  1. Bill says:

    so are you embracing this change or are you holding it at arms length?

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