period of adjustment…

I have been talking about all the  adjustments  going on in my life right now… adding to those, the last few days of even more  health and sleep  issues… which has made writing  every day  a bit of a chore once again.       🙂

One of our special regular guests commented on my last posting that she was sure that it all  “is a big adjustment” …  Then… this thought runs thru my head… it really is a  period of adjustment…  which reminded me of a play I directed 50 years ago for our little theatre group back in New Jersey.

” Period of Adjustment is a lower case Tennessee Williams play, but it also illustrates that lower case Williams is superior to the upper case of most modern playwrights.”

 That was one reviewer’s words when it opened in New York  in 1962.

I had done several Tennessee Williams plays and picked this one so that I could play the lead male role myself… as well as be the person who could then cast the leading lady of my choice.  I had met a young lady in the last play that was done by the group, and wanted to cast her opposite me in  Period of Adjustment.  We had played opposite each other in the other play… and…. I really, really wanted to get to know her better….

Her name was Ellen McCloy.… her nick-name in the play was “little bit”… I would call her that from time to time over the next 2 years as we went thru a period of adjustment  of our own… and… when I asked her to marry me… she said yes…. it was 1969…. we have continued from one  period of adjustment  to the next for 48 years… I have told many of the stories of our journey in these postings.

Reflecting on all this tonight, helped to bring me to the realization… that all this  stuff  going on right now, is just another  period of adjustment ... bringing us to the next exciting step in our journey…. the journey we call  the great adventure


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