that next step…

The next   “exciting step in our journey”… was  a very short step… I went from being unable to fall asleep all night long… and then… stepped into the next night where I slept all night long … (translated in philip’s world as 2 hr stints in between potty trips)     🙂  … and then…  fell asleep for 2 more hrs my first trip upstairs to put my feet up… then later on yet another hour…  ours not to reason why…. the returns have not all come in…. wonder what sort of a night tonight will be….  hmmmmm…

I have had serious issues sleeping for what  seems like forever… trouble breathing the minute my head hits the pillow… to have that totally disappear last night left me in a very thankful mode… while still having no idea what tonight will be like. Hoping that all that rest today was simply to help with His healing process… and that it will continue to happen tonight….  we shall see…

Meanwhile, the listing on the house for sale went up this morning…. link to realtor...

Looking forward to seeing what the Lord does with all this now…. my health, my sleep, the house sale…  Our realtor lady is coming in the morning to take a video walking around and thru the house… which will then be added online.

My job is the same as usual… just deal with what He puts on my plate each day… and  “in-so-far as it depends on me, I will…”    I will do what I need to do… the rest is up to Him.


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