what sort of night?

I am no longer wondering what sort of night it would be, since the night was last night and has long passed me… the report is ready as you shall soon see… or perhaps you will prefer to just simply flee…   🙂

After all that sleep yesterday, I was concerned what would happen when I went to bed last night… would I have one of my sleepless nights? I did not. I slept even better than the night before with two 3-hour sessions and the desire to just lay in bed…. finally got up at 8:00…. cannot recall the last time I was not up before 7:00am…

My first  “feet up”  time, I was  grogged-out  for almost an hour before the  “Home Health”  nurse arrived to check my vitals… which were all really good… I had lost another 3 lbs since her last visit a week ago… now at 209… mostly water from my legs…everything with the legs looking better… except… still no energy… lots of huffing and puffing… and then later still going to sleep  for another hour long nap…. ????

Would love to see all this  rest,  start to repair my fitness/energy department and help me to do more exercise… it was a  very slow walk  all the way up to Cumberland Farms and back….once again today… but better than not walking.  This was the third day in a row I was able to go out for that  long  walk.

Our realtor did come this morning and took her  “video”,  which later appeared on Zillow…. link to Zillow …. we also had the Radon guy deliver his report at noon today… it was excellent at 1.9 (no issues till it is over 4.0) … that took a load off Ellen who had been concerned about the radon report from our inspection 3 years ago.

Anyway… that’s where we are today…  further update  “…on the ‘morrow!”


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