the deeper life…

I couldn’t get to sleep… and figured that 2 hours of just  laying there  on the bed was enough… (although not falling asleep, at least I was breathing ok)… 🙂  ….so I got up with some thoughts running thru my head.  Thoughts about a couple of my early  mentors  who kept talking to me about the deeper life... and introduced me to the deeper life authors

I got so excited about these books that we bought a bunch of copies and set up a book table in our apartment… which eventually led us to our little  bookstore  on the 2nd floor in Allendale, N.J.   We incorporated the operation as  Deeper Life, Inc  a 501c3 non profit ministry to introduce these deeper life authors to the Christians in the area.

What I have learned over these past almost 50 years since then, is that  whatever I read, whether a Deeper life author or any author, I read from the place of who Philip is, on that particular day, at that exact point in my journey.   When I read T. Austin Sparks or Tozer, or Murray or Nee or Chambers, or Guyon, or Brother Lawrence and so, so many others… what I  “saw”  50 years ago is not what I  see  today…. nor what I will  see  next year.

I have no problem  saying the same things  over and over and over again… because if and when these things are read… they will be perfect  for that day  in anyone’s life.  I just keep pressing on in the journey and encourage others to do the same… wherever I am today will not be where I am tomorrow… there is  always  more of Him.


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