what is Christianity…?

My friend Bodie sends me things to read, discuss, comment on or just think about… he sends them pretty regularly… sometimes they are things he has sent me before… looking back to what I was saying yesterday, when he sends me something I have already seen  before… this time I see it a little differently… I see it from who philip is today.  Here is one he just sent me… again…  I had seen it before… it is something he received from a friend.
There is such a wide chasm between what Christianity began as… and what the most visible part of it inevitably becomes….My friend has a perspective that goes like this….”Christianity began as a way of life… In Greece it became a philosophy.  In Rome a system.  In Germany a theology .  In the U.S. An enterprise.”   To those who  do not get lured off  into a dead end…. it…  or rather He,  is still a way of life….”
Today, philip sees this perspective as everything he has been trying to communicate, day after day, in this blog. This whole thing we call Christianity is simply a person… His name is Jesus… He is still a way of life…  I follow Him… I present my body to Him as a living sacrifice… my only acceptable worship… I live only for Him.
Jesus is none of those other things… Christianity is not a  philosophy,  not a  system, not a  theology  and certainly not an  enterprise… those are all  its… we have reduced Christianity to an  it…  Christianity is a person… Jesus… He is… a way of life, the truth of life, and life itself…
Remember the math….  Jesus  +  nothing  =  everything…

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