health update…

Rumors of my demise are once again unfounded… albeit a pretty crazy week of health ups and downs.  Although these win one/lose one scenarios are normal when one speaks as much as I do about  “treating both those imposters the same” … you know triumph and tragedy… success/failure… those things that do not matter… what matters is watching Him bring the mountains down and the valleys up so I can just walk straight on His path of life for philip.

I certainly enjoy the ups more than the downs… and the wins more than the losses… but they are all part of this life… and each time I go thru the next group of the goods, the bads and the uglies… I see it more and more clearly…. both those imposters.

My next trip to the doctor is a week away… I will have much to tell him.  My legs are beginning to look and also feel a little more normal.   I will have lost 20 lbs since my last visit to see him… the last 10 lbs just this past week.  Hard for me to believe I would ever see 200 lbs appear on the scale again,  like it did this morning.

With a little help from a  sleeping aid  I am sleeping 2 to 3 hrs, making my bathroom trip, and going right back to sleep for another 2 to 3 hrs.   Breathing issues at  night are gone.   I take a couple of naps during the day when I have my feet up… energy is slowly returning.. I started taking 15 min walks… now up to twice a day.

I am encouraged that it appears He is once again  bringing me out  of a deep health valley…. then again… I always remember that  I am not  the one in charge… so… we shall see.   At least I can once again sit here and “Muse” a little…


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