so simple….

Ever wonder why the  “Systems”  make such a big deal out of His  sending  us and our  going  somewhere?  That’s just old Philip and his natural man having to  make a big deal  out of absolutely everything!!!    What ever happened to just keeping it simple….  🙂

We went up to our Lake Cottage today for an overnight.  The realtors are showing the house tomorrow morning… so we thought we would just disappear for 2 days.  I was sitting here looking out the windows at the Lake… talking to Him…. and remembering how I did that same thing back in 2009… I had been so puzzled by all the things He had been showing me those past couple years since 2007…. totally clueless what to do with it all.   That’s when everything changed for me.

I had just cried out to Him…  “Lord… you have shown me all these incredible things… so… what do you want me to do with them?”  The answer He gave me just blew me away.  I had no place to put it…. never had heard such a thing in all my days of  serving God  in some religious system  (including  my own  system for 10 years)… He spoke to me very quietly, in that loving voice I know so well… and said….  “Philip… just be who you are…. where you are.”

Father placed Jesus into time and space exactly where and when He wanted His Son to be there.   Father placed Philip into time and space exactly where and when He wanted me to be there.  He moves me around  (the same way He moved Jesus around)  in the natural course of our lives…. going thru all the things we need to go thru…. for me it is simply… just being me…. where He has put me… presently in Morrisville, VT.    He  Sent Me  here… doing what I do today, where I am, with Philip just being Philip.

He is about to  Send Me  to Shadow Lake, VT and Wenham, MA  where the plan is to just continue to be me, where He has placed me, dealing with whatever He puts on my plate each day.

That is not very complicated.  It really is just….  so simple.


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4 Responses to so simple….

  1. Bill says:

    Philip. Just to let you know I read all of your musings. It is really tough to “rest” while others are working, like, for example, Ellen. I believe you have it correct. , you must listen to God, remember it’s just you and Him. No system, no great work to grow His provision for you Is adequate.

    When can I come visit again? When will you be passing through Bow again?

  2. I love your description of his loving voice here —and … just be who you are…. where you are….quite the opposite of the voice of the Liar………..

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