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Hopefully, I have been able to show, over the past several  “Musings”,  that Father  sends  all of us to do  exactly the same things  that Jesus came to do…. and those things were pretty  clearly spelled out  when Jesus read from the Book of Isaiah that day…. then… when He finished reading… He said

“Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”

Then He sends us the same way:    “therefore… the Spirit of the Lord God is upon Philip as he is upon me… Because the LORD has anointed Philip…

We now have  His Spirit  upon us so we can go…. we have been  anointed by Him  to accomplish whatever it is that  He wants to accomplish  as we go… going… just simply being who we are, where He has placed us.  Religion makes a  very big deal  out of this… religion wants us to  go somewhere… to  do something religious  … God wants us to just be us.  That’s all.  Just be us.  Do the things that are in our hearts.  Let Him direct our paths…. let Him bring others across our paths…

He gives us the words to say, when words need to be said.  Why not just  stop doing all the religious things  we have been taught to say and do… let Him do what He wants.  He puts His life in us… He puts His Spirit upon us… and He anoints us to do whatever He wants us to do.


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