So Philip has been sent… he has been equipped... he has given His life to the Lord…. the Lord has placed His very own Life within Philip…. the Spirit of the Lord is now upon Philip just the same way as the Spirit was upon Jesus… and He Himself has anointed Philip to accomplish the same things He Himself accomplished…

That first thing was  “to bring good news to the afflicted”  … when I hear those words I hear what I was  taught  that those words meant…. the whole world is  “afflicted”  and going to hell  because of their sin…  the  “good news”   is that Jesus died… paid the penalty of your sin… and… if you accept Him as your Lord and Savior you will not have to go to hell… you will go to heaven instead

Let me stop right here and say…. that is not the good news…  I  used to believe  that was the good news...I have asked the Lord to forgive me…. I had bought the whole package… lock, stock and barrel… just like  religion  said it was… so I went out and  brought the good news  to everyone I knew or met and a whole bunch of people I just accosted in the malls or on the street… it was so sad… watching them all shake their heads and walk away… with Philip thinking they had rejected God and were going to hell.

What they were rejecting was Philip and what they  “heard”   Philip say….  it took many years to unlearn all this and realized that what they heard was this arrogant guy who got  “religion”  telling them they could have what he had  (which they were not at all interested in)  … that Philip (now  wonderful saved  Philip) was going to heaven and they were going to hell and all they had to do was “accept”  (pray the same magic prayer that Philip prayed) then they could be  wonderful like me and now be able to go to heaven …  and spend eternity with me.

I will talk about what the  good news really is  next time.


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