the afflicted…

There is an entire world out there  filled with  afflicted people…  there are no other kind of people… they need to hear the  good news  that I wrote about last night.  They need to understand that we have been born into a world at war… God’s enemy wants to destroy everything that God has created and called  good... that includes the  destruction  of the human race… Satan is the father of lies… the master of deception… his goal is to kill and destroy… us….

That is why we have  trouble in this world  …  that is why  each day’s trouble is sufficient for that day” …  Part of the deception is that the enemy has convinced us that it shouldn’t be this way… everything should be wonderful… never a problem… everything should go just the way I plan it… everything successful… always win… and everyone lived happily ever after….  sorry… it doesn’t work that way…

The only one who can  bring us past that deception  is our Father…  who loves us so much that He sent His only Son…. who has broken the power of that deception …  who is able to reveal  the truth  to set us free  from that deception.  That is   good news  for all of us  afflicted ones…. very good news.

What Philip needed to learn was that it is not   just words   I say… it is a life He lives in me… a Life that needs to  come forth  from that  death process  I’ve talked about so often… His life must touch those that  He sends  across my path, in the normal course of an ordinary life lived where He has placed me.   Only His life  will help  afflicted  ones…. not Philip’s words about Him…

He sends us to do just that….  bring good news to the afflicted….


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