The next  “proclamations”  that Philip  (the sent one)   is supposed to make, are these two:    “to proclaim liberty to captives…. and freedom to prisoners….”  I kept asking the Lord about this… why say two things that seem to almost be the same… The Lord simply told me to just keep  “looking at it”…   So that is what I did.  I looked at 20 different translations of those two things… and dictionary definitions…  a picture began to emerge for me.

First we have  liberty to captives  … as I looked further and further at the translations and the definitions, I began to see  captives  as something very different from being in a prison… where a door needs to be opened.

I can be in  captivity... I can be  enslaved  to all kinds of different things…. (drugs, alcohol, sex, religion, anything) … I can also be  dominated  by not just things but by people, systems, culture or whatever.  All of that, is what makes me a  captive  and Philip wants to proclaim that there is   liberty for one held captive  by any of those.

A prisoner is one who is  locked in a prison… behind a door… a prisoner must have a  door opened  for them…  there is no other way  out of  that prison…. that is a different  proclamation than liberty to captives. Philip needs to also proclaim that there is  freedom for prisoners… that the prison door  has been opened  for them… that there is a release from that darkness….

I will try to make each of these  real  by telling stories over the next couple days… explaining  my own experiences  with both of these… and… of course… point you to the one  who takes care of all these things.


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