the alcoholic…

Alcohol  was my drug of choice… never got into  drug/drugs… Once… maybe a dozen years ago…  I did pick up a prescription from the dentist for  Vicodin… he told me I would need it once the novocaine wore off  (from some heavy duty dental work)…   I took  onenever took another one... it was a terrible experience… that whole drug world… ?  I never wanted to experience it again… but alcohol?   That was another story….

It took away any fears I had… any insecurities… any inhibitions… got me loose as a goose… I could say anything… do anything… I was able to conquer worlds and slay dragons after the 3rd martini…. it was a big one for me…. can’t say I ever even wanted to stop drinking... nor did I ever try… it was only days after my collision with God that I suddenly  just didn’t want to drink  any more…  Then I heard some stories and read some other stories, and realized I  never wanted to get drunk  ever again.

I was always pretty much  out there  and kind of  dramatic  about things… so…  I had this little ceremony at the kitchen sink, where I dumped out  all my bottles of booze… one by one… each with a bit of a flourish…  This was quite a thing for someone as  frugal  as Philip… (er… uh… maybe someone as  German/Chicago Cheap  as Philip…) being birthed during the great depression and growing up during WWII forced one to be  very careful about pinching pennies  in every direction.

I have never been drunk again since that day.  I knew He had  set me free... yet… I did  not know  what the Lord was going to teach me about all this,  several years further down the road.



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