An old friend posted this thought on Facebook this morning… “do you ever think that you are the only one that understands what you’re saying”… which immediately got me thinking about how I really work at saying the same things over and over again from so many different directions… hoping that someone else  may actually  understand… what I believe I  understand.. but think I am the only one who  understands  understand?

Like this  drinking verses getting drunk  thingy… when I saw this… and then actually  understood  it was ok to have a drink… as long as I never took that 3rd martini… my testimony changed powerfully… I was now able to have once been an alcoholic… but I  could have a drink now... I just never  get drunk  any more…  understand?

Like that story I’ve told of my friend who had a business in the shopping center where our restaurant was located… how he came in to buy me a drink at my bar… then offered me a second one and I said thanks but I only have one… “Come on” he says… “nobody can just have one”...  and I got to tell my story about how I used to be an alcoholic… but how that all changed when I had my collision with God… I am  no longer addicted  to alcohol… I can have one drink and stop.

Boy… I sure hope you can understand what I understand…

Understand?       🙂


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