not everyone did… :)

Of course… not everyone did  understand...     🙂

Which means, I have another little story to tell.  Philip had been involved with TEEN CHALLENGE  since his conversion in 1968… visited the ministry where it all began back in 1960.  David Wilkerson’s book, The Cross and the Switchblade, was published in 1962… we gave away  thousands of copies  during our bookstore years, many of those thru  FGBMFI  where Philip was also involved at that time.

“More than 16 million copies were distributed in over 30 languages. In 1970, a film adaptation was released, starring Pat Boone as David Wilkerson and Erik Estrada (in his screen debut) as Nicky Cruz, the teen gang member whose life was transformed by Wilkerson’s ministry. The film has been viewed by an estimated 50 million people in over 30 languages in 150 countries, according to World Film Crusade.[1]

It began with just ministry to teens… today there are centers all over helping folks of all ages with drug and alcohol addictions… with incredible recovery stats… called the  Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab #1 in US  … we even have one right up here in northern Vermont.

I was  invited to speak  here locally several years back and talked about my issues with alcohol… finished up with what I talked about yesterday… that  Jesus had set me free   from being an alcoholic… I could  even have a drink now  because I was no longer addicted… I was a brand new creature in Christ.

A couple of the guys who attended went to the superintendent and told him that Phil Wolff said it was ok to drink, so why can’t they go have a drink.

They didn’t understand :

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