did philip understand?

Good question.  Did Philip understand?  Amazing how the enemy gets in there and starts  whispering things  in your ear.  Good thing  you stopped doing  all those  evil things  Phil… smoking, drinking, womanizing, cursing, swearing… all those terrible things...  you need to get people  saved  so they will also stop doing all those terrible evil things… like you did…

Slowly things changed from a proclamation of  freedom from captivity  to getting saved and now stop sinning… like Phil did…  slowly things  changed to a self-righteousness  where Phil was able to stop sinning…. so now  you  need to stop sinning… The teaching became the things  we need to do  and the things  we need to stop doing.   I was taught this… loved it… my  natural man gloated  in my own wonderfulness… and I went on to teach others  the same lie.

Once again I need to say… I am so grateful that the Lord showed me the horror.. the horror… the horror… so thankful for His revelation of the lie… so thankful to understand that  only He sets people free from captivity.

I mentioned previously… that the kind of sin I have been talking about here… that stuff is only the  tip of the iceberg.  The enemy loves to see us stay occupied and struggling with that kind of sin… just majoring in minors… so we never see the  rest of the iceberg.

Guess I know what I  need to write about  tomorrow.


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