Philip’s iceberg… selfhood coming to life…. his natural man… his pride…. his wonderfulness in all its glory… the world revolves around him, his desires, his preferences, his choices. his wants, his goals, his ambitions, his everything… his selfhood is the center of his life... it manifests itself in all the selfish things he does.  This iceberg  has  no good thing in it… this natural man has  no good thing  in it… no matter what one calls it… there is  one thing  that has to happen to it…  it has to be put to death!

Life only comes out of death….  His Life comes in as I die… and then He lives… it is a process… inch by inch… row by row… for the rest of my life.  If the grain of wheat goes into the ground and dies, it comes to life and brings much fruit.  If I try to save my life I lose it… 

And it is one step at a time.  That initial stuff… the smoking, drinking, womanizing… so obvious to me… God stepped in and totally set me free… revealing Himself in the process… but the pride, the arrogance, the anger, the bitterness, the resentment, the unforgiveness, the prejudices, and on and on and on… sometimes I call these the  Onion Sins  …. they seem  to come off  one layer at a time… and it is impossible to rush the process.

The Lord sets up a certain  set of circumstances  where, the thing He is after in me today,  creates the response where  my selfhood comes to life... and suddenly I  see it… we talk about it… I agree with Him that this needs to go… and… it is gone

That’s how it works… this is the process... the process that goes on till He comes to get me…


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2 Responses to selfhood…

  1. Yes, exactly what the old writers called the mortification of sin….a Progress which lasts for decades…til the Lord says time to come home. I also like the expression mortification of spin………..the gradual extinction of my self-serving religious excuses

  2. interesting spin…. 🙂

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