7 years….

That’s what it took to finally realize that  I was free…. 7 years… they were wonderful years… growing years…. learning years… freeing years…. Bodie and I got to the place where we were having coffee together most every day…. having meals together most every week… It was quite a time… it still blows me away that Father sent this guy from Wewahitchka, Florida to Morrisville, Vermont… that is over 1500 miles away… just to  bring me into  this kind of relationship with His Son.

I get a bit mushy every time I think about it.  Freedom... no more guilt… no more condemnation… no more  things to do, just walking and talking with Him  in the garden of my life.  To get to the place where I finally realized  just how much God loves us... it also got very personal… when that went on to become the realization of just how much  He loves Philip… so  much so that He sent this guy over 1500 miles  “not knowing whither”   just to  proclaim this revelation  to me.  Wow …  that is some kinda love.

Bodie kept saying to  “take off my old glasses”  and revisit what I believed… what I was taught… what I taught others… look at these things thru these new glasses… and I responded… slowly… bit by bit… it took 7 years… then Bodie was free to return to Wewahitchka…

What a glorious time it was.  Thank you Lord. Thank you Bodie.


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