the favorable year…

Oh my… so many  differing views… which, of course, become differing arguments… differing opinions, differing views, differing conclusions.   Sorry… afraid that I couldn’t resist  ‘googling’  this phrase…. because I did  want to see  what others have said… it was a  surreal experience... I had no idea… there are hundreds and hundreds of websites, sermons, opinions and whatevers up there… declaring this and declaring that… comparing the two different translations,  “is it the ‘favorable’ or the ‘acceptable’ year of the Lord?”... and other things like… it was a  literal year  where Jesus’ ministry lasted  only one year… or it means the  year of Jubilee  from the O.T…  or it means it happens  at the end of all things  when He comes again.. new heavens, new earth, the  Lake of Fire  for His enemy… some folks even get  down right feisty  over their views …   🙂

It would be nice if  Religion wasn’t that way… but it is.  Somehow, Religion is just not able to  keep things simple  so ordinary folks like you and me can understand it and enjoy it… without having some  “educated one”  explaining to us  “uneducated ones”  what the scripture is really, really saying.

Jesus took the book and read from the Book of Isaiah …. (please note:  Luke didn’t quote word for word but  paraphrased  what was written in Isaiah so Religion could have a few more things to fight about)   🙂     But when  Jesus finished reading.…  He closes the book…  gives it back to the attendant… and  “the eyes of all in the synagogue  were fixed on him… and he said to them,  “Today this scripture has been fulfilled  in your hearing….”

Jesus goes to the cross, dies, is raised from the dead…. making every human being  “acceptable”   from that day on…   and… personally I cannot think of anything being more  “favorable”  than having the Lord of the Universe living His life in me… forever…  WOW!   Philip… can now  live and move and have his very existence  in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords… all day… every day…

Sounds like a pretty favorable year to this old fella… every year… forever….



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