I almost missed it on that  favorable year of the Lord  thing…. glad I didn’t… probably because Bodie said something about taking off my old glasses…   🙂

Before 2008, I could borrow as much money as I wanted… put in all private bathrooms… changed the bare attic into a suite  with a Jacuzzi... all new windows and storm doors… our first new car… and the last one  (before the Feds changed all the  bank loan rules  and made it impossible for Philip to  ever borrow  money again)  was a complete new  heating system  with individual thermostats in every room.

Since we could no longer  borrow  money, we went seriously to work on  paying off  all our loans… this experience brought us to the place today, where we would  never borrow money again  for anything.  We save it instead… and only purchase things if we have  enough money  to cover that purchase… but that is another story.

The more we paid off on our debt, the easier it became,  as each debt was retired,  there was more and more money left each month to  pay the others… some inheritance money came in and business was booming…  we kept paying down mortgages… and ended up saving  thousands and thousands  of dollars in interest…. but… that too is  another story.

I felt like Job at the end of his story, where God   “restored the fortunes of Job”…  that must be the  favorable year of the Lord … when the Lord  restores  to us the things that were taken away… once the  lesson was learned… He would then bless us   materially...  ugggh!

Actually, it even got worse than that…  I started thinking in terms of our  obedience  to the Lord  in paying off  all our debt … and in that process getting to the place where we would  “Owe no man anything but to love one another”   …  that must be why He is showering us with His favor….   ugggh #2!

So glad I never really took off in that direction… it would have been Philip’s very own version of the  “prosperity gospel”….    Bodie  must have  helped me thru that….    🙂


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