I’ve always felt it is terribly important for us to  “say our words” … to get what is bubbling around  inside  us  outside  of us… not keeping  things all  bottled up  inside, then sticking a cork in my bottle until the  pressure builds  and the cork pops… anybody out there identify with what I am trying to say?

I recently encouraged a friend who writes a weekly kind of blog… to keep on writing...  to keep on saying his words… take all that stuff that is rolling around inside and get it out there.  It has helped me it a whole lot-a-bunch of different ways.  Helped others at the same time by not having to listen to me carrying on all the time… not too many folks out there who can handle Philip yakking away all the time…

Actually, when Ellen and I are in the car together, I now practice what I call the  “sound of silence”  …. next time you talk to her, ask her how that is working out….  🙂

Fortunately… I do have a couple friends (besides Ellen) who will  listen to me  as I rant away about anything and everything… which is very helpful… but… the  biggest thing  is taking time to write… every day if I can… saying whatever it is that I’m  thinking about… whatever I have  rolling around  in there… taking that and starting to write about it.

What is in our hearts…. needs to come out…

Suddenly there is yet another  “Musing”  to publish…


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