Philip’s Folly….

A friend commented on my posting yesterday about all the other kinds of  “mourning”    that I have gone thru… besides just the loss of a loved one…  she said:  “…and you are so right about all the different kinds!”…  I think it might be good to take some of my  “list” … and expand on some of those… starting with the last one on the list…. “folly”.   I don’t know if I ever realized the extent of my grieving over what I now call  “Philip’s Folly”…  my foolishness…  my stupidity…

I was in  total denial  that I was a diabetic, for most of my life…  blood tests showed I was  “pre-diabetic”  (I thought) with  average sugar running 140/150... I had battled being  overweight  all my life… enjoyed my desserts… especially my  ice cream…. I worked out… ran all the time… even did several Marathons… played basket ball in my 50’s… and loved to golf… played golf 4 or 5 times a week as an innkeeper in my late 60’s and thru my 70″s… always  walked  the 9 holes.   I seriously thought I could  get away with  eating my ice cream.  Today I call this  “Philip’s Folly”...

I mean… “you gotta die of something… might as well be ice cream”  I would joke. It was  not funny  when my blood sugar spiked to 419 in February of 2015.  I had almost   killed myself  by eating ice cream for dessert every day.  I went into mourning… deeply grieved by my folly.  I repented… asked the Lord for His help and forgiveness.  Today I am free from the  captivity of  sugar  in any form.

My trips to two doctors today  sealed this one for me.  My regular doctor just checks my A1C twice a year now… last one was 6.9   (about 150 blood sugar).. .he does not want me to check my sugar any more.  My  “stop eating weight”  used to be  230 lbs…  today I weighed in at  198... blood pressure is 120/60… My legs are the best they have looked in years.  He is very pleased with what is happening… I even seem to be getting some energy back too.  More on  the reasons why  tomorrow.

My cardio doctor was also pleased… no more “annual appointments”... if I am concerned about anything,… I need to call them… they will not be calling me…


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