dun did it again…

Actually… “dun did it again”  should read that Philip  dun  overdid it  again  … with the usual results… having to slow everything way down for a few days… and perhaps do a little  “musing”  about why I never learn this one…  🙂

After 3 days away yet one more time… I think  what I see  is that I need to get past… very far past...  this idea that I am at some point going to get to the place  where I was  about 5 years ago before my  “sugar issue”  started to catch up with the old fella… easier to express than to actually accomplish,…

For now… I have  cut way back  on challenging myself to do more… as well as my constantly setting higher  Fitbit goals  all the time… I need to start by adjusting   radically  to the fact that every year I am  older … and it looks like I’m not going to be able to do the things  I used to take for granted even just the year before…

So…. I am trying to follow more closely, one of my basic understandings of life… to simply be who I am  today… where I am  today…


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2 Responses to dun did it again…

  1. I resonate with what you said…I still love to run but the decrease in my running times is irreversible. LESS and LESS speed each year, BUT the Lord says you can have MORE and MORE of me each year – if you ask.

  2. love what He is doing in you Kenny!!! 🙂 🙂

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