When I closed last night with this statement:   to just    “be who I am – today… where I am – today” … that word  “today”  which I added to my basic understanding of life... that word   “today”    just jumped out all over me again tonight…  I think the Lord is taking me to yet another deeper understanding of  “take no thought for tomorrow”... which I have written about many times before…. today... is the  only day  I actually have… I have no clue about tomorrow…

I have fooled around for some time now, saying that I  no longer  am getting any older… I’ve stopped… I  finally arrived... I am old…   🙂  

That has been fun… but the fact is that every single day… each today …  I am one day further along in my journey… how many more I have  only He knows…  one thing I do know though,  is that the  machinery   keeps slowing down… with each of those  passing todays ….

I am noticing how much deeper my trust grows with each of those passing days… just watching Him sort through all the  stuff  and bring about His purpose in my life…  one day at a time…  and so  looking forward  to tomorrow… which will  soon become  my next today….


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