philip’s epitaph…

Philip’s  desired epitaph is a bit longer than Bruckheimer’s … but… you already knew that… I am a tad wordier of course…. 🙂    “Philip pointed people to a relationship with Jesus… helped them to understand that walking with Him will change me to where I no longer have to  feel better all the time… I can just  enjoy my life  the way it is  today…. He will take care of  tomorrow… there is nothing here I have to escape from….”

His way is for us to  diminish… not be greater…. to decrease not increase… to regress not progress… to become less not more… I keep getting all these illustrations and scriptures flying through my head…. we say get busy… He says be still.  We say gather more people to us and our cause… Jesus ends up  alone  on a cross…  Paul ends up  alone  in a Roman jail…  John ends up  alone  on Patmos…  Watchman Nee ends up  alone in jail his last 20 years…  Ozwald Chambers gets sick and dies a young man … very far away… in a little hut in Egypt.

What we all need is Jesus… more of Him every day.  Religion says we have all we need… we are saved and going to heaven… now do this, that and the other till He returns…  uggghhhh.   I always enjoy it when I find somebody who agrees with me…  🙂  and then says something like this… from T. Austin Sparks...

“There is no end to Divine revelation; there is no end to our seeing. Oh, how little we have seen, how little we know, of the vast stores of Divine intention and thought and purpose and meaning. We stand and paddle on the shores of this vast ocean of God and of His purposes and meanings in our creation. How little we know about it!” 

Of course… Sparks wrote this when I was about 10 yrs old….    🙂 

I  seek more  of Him every day…. and I… get… more of Him every day… and… I can continue this for the  rest of my life  and still be… on the shores of this vast ocean of God”


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