those in Zion…


Zion is  where  God lives… those who live their lives  in Him… then also live in Zion… in Him.  Living in Him in Zion does not automatically mean that Philip does not mourn nor grieve… which is why I need to grow into the image of His Son so I can help   “to provide for those who grieve in Zion”… if I am still full of myself and still grieving, I will be  no help  to others.  I am in Zion for a purpose…. God’s purpose for me in Zion is to  set me free of me… I am the problem… me, myself and I… need to be eliminated.

I mentioned yesterday on Facebook that this whole thing is my friend Bodie’s fault… so I wrote to him about that this morning… this is what I sent to him.

“see… it’s all your fault… 

besides removing my old glasses, you re-introduced me to sparks wearing new glasses and now He (the Lord- not sparks)  ALWAYS  gives me something to seal what’s rolling around in me… might even be the segue into what I am writing about next…  :)”

“The object of this present emphasis is to seek, as the Lord will enable, that there shall be an emancipation from ourselves; for that occupation, that consideration, is always taking from His glory. Let us ask the Lord to cut us really free from ourselves by an unveiling and presentation of His Son to us, as the sum total of all that ever God desires and wills.”    T.A.Sparks
I cannot tell you how wonderful it is… to be  “emancipated from myself”…  since that emancipation is the only way to ever get to experience Jesus  “as the sum total of all that ever God desires and wills”…   and it is also essential if we are to ever help others in Zion with their grieving…

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