So…. I was thinking some more about yesterday’s thoughts... since this whole thing is about Father spending our entire lifetimes  (and beyond?),  conforming us to the image of His Son… it would seem there are no  insta-Saints …  it takes a lifetime for me to get rid of me… I make mistakes…  I need to be adjusted  this way, that way and the other way…. and the most important thing  I need desperately to learn  is that Philip does not know anything !!!!

With my  apologies to the apologists  who have turned christianity into a  head-game  of arguments… making gods of our learning, of our minds and intellects and our proof texts… as if Father had a few  human robotic  insta-Saints   that He programmed to write the bible instead of ordinary, fallible ever changing, constantly growing human beings like you and me.

When I look at Paul and all his writings, I see  just another guy  (again…like you and me)  making many of the same mistakes that I made,  needing regular visits  to his Holy Spirit Chiropractor to make necessary adjustments… just like I need (the operating word here is  regular  visits)…. Paul was no more an  insta-Saint  than Philip was… talking here about the word  SAINT  and what our natural man has done to that poor word and twisted it into some holy, holy, holy person of God, that none of us could ever think of achieving in this life.  Hmmmmm… maybe they should have looked at this scripture… but this has no appeal to my natural man…

“Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To  all the saints  in Christ
Jesus who are at Philippi..”

Tomorrow I will tell you about saint Philip of Morrisville….  🙂


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