what a blast… :)

One of the best things that has happened for me in these past 10 years is Philip  finally stopped  taking himself so seriously.  Too bad my old partner at Amnon Corporation does not know this…. he was always trying to lighten me up.  He would always challenge me to  “loosen my leggings”  … an old WWII phrase… meaning his men could take a break during a “march”“loosen your leggings and smoke ’em if you got ’em”… he would enjoy knowing that Phil finally loosened his leggings.

So… now… Philip can even compare saint philip to saint paul… no  capital   “S’s” here….   🙂

Paul was born… circa 5 and was martyred circa 67… he lived about 62 years. He was a religious zealot who persecuted christians. He got knocked off his horse in his early 30’s… met Jesus…. and zealously served God another 30 years before he was put to death.  He made 3 missionary journeys. He established many churches… He wrote 7 letters that scholars agree are authentic… and probably quite a few more that scholars fight about.  He spent his last years in prison and under house arrest.  Most scholars believe he was beheaded for being a follower of Christ.

Philip was born circa 1935 and has not been martyred.  He has lived 20 more years than Paul so far… and it isn’t over till it’s over.  He was very Roman Catholic for 20 years but it didn’t work for him, so he was searching for something else…. found that he really liked what the world was offering much better than what religion was offering. He got knocked off his horse in his early 30’s…. met Jesus… and zealously served God another 30 years before God started putting him through the death process of his natural man.  He made one missionary journey (which was more than enough for him). He pastored the perfect church for 10 years. He wrote 4698 letters…. most of which have been deleted… no scholars have checked their authenticity…. there are more letters being written… usually one each day…. but none that scholars are fighting about.  He hopes to spend his remaining days not only as a follower of Christ… but as a prisoner to the Lord.

and there you have it…. two saints… living their lives only for Him….


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