count down…

The time seems to  be flying along to our  shut down date… as we begin July tomorrow,  there are only  45 more days  left before we move… during those 45 days, Philip needs to get up early and serve breakfast  only 17 more times… but who is counting… except Philip…  🙂

I am usually  finished  with the breakfast serving about  2 hrs after I get up  in the morning… I must also report that usually I am ready  to go back up  and put my feet up at some point within the next  half hour.  So it is still kind of a yay/boo thingy for me… Yay that I can actually get up and do what I’ve done the past 18 years… boo that I need to get back upstairs,  not just to  put my feet up… but I have also been known to crash for a  couple hours.

Plan A  is still hoping to sell the place and close around the middle of August… then simply move to Shadow Lake and Wenham.  If that does not happen… Plan B  will go into effect, where we will still move to Shadow and Wenham… and look at  short term rentals  thru foliage... while still trying to sell before November.  If the sale goes beyond that, we will have to sit down with our realtor and work on a  Plan C.…    🙂

The onliest thing I  really really know…  is exactly what I have known since we started this process  back in 2013… I know  I am  not in charge… I know the One who is  in charge… and I know the  house will sell  at exactly the right time… His right time... not Philip’s right time…


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2 Responses to count down…

  1. Margaret E Sims says:

    /thanks for writing about the goings on of the B & B, I had several good times there and will always love the memories. I hope it sells for you, so, you don’t have to worry about it anymore and can truly retire and enjoy your grandchildren and children, etc. I think of you both all the time and wish you the best. Again, thanks for posting your “musings”. You’re correct. He is in charge of everything. He will guide you both and when life calms down for you, I know you will relax and begin the next chapter in your lives. Godspeed Love, Peggy

  2. appreciate all your kind comments… we will keep on “musing”…. 🙂 also wishing you the best of everything Peggy…. 🙂

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