On the health front, Philip seems to be  making some progress… in spite of the  huffy/puffy’s… and lots of time on his back… the old fella is feeling like some  steady progress  is being made.  My weight seems to be stabilized now between 196 and 199 lbs …. depending on how much dinner I eat…   🙂   although I expect to see another 10 lbs come off slowly… maybe a pound or two a month over the summer…. my weight goal is 187.

Exercise has also been showing some good progress… my walking goal is now  3 miles a day,  which I have been able to hit the last 6 days in a row… that translates to just over 6000 steps a day… so I have watched  a steady progress from 2000 steps, then 3000 and then 4000… so a week ago I tried 6000 steps…. which is where I would like to stay for now… and not do one of Philip’s famous  “over-do’s”

I have been able to  work out  every day with my  dumb bells… 10 reps of 3 exercises, with my 5 lb, 8 lb and 10 lb weights… occasionally  working in  my 12 pounders…

I have also continued to work hard on  putting my feet up  at least 4 times a day… the water  continues to drain out of the legs.  I started taking a natural health product called  “Nerve Renew”  back in the beginning of May and was very pleased with  the early results.  After 2 months now, the  Neuropathy  is greatly reduced… I can feel my toes and the bottom of my feet again… the stinging pain on the tops of my feet is now only annoying at times… I no longer take any pain pills for it… and I am much more  “stable”  on my feet as I can feel the ground again.  It has helped my  walking  as well.

When I get up to shower in the mornings, my  feet and ankles  seem very close to normal… where I can now actually see  tendons and bones  once again…  I am hoping that all this  progress  with my sugarless lifestyle, weight loss and exercise,  will keep me from another  cellulitis attack.   We shall see what we shall see. …   🙂

Thank you all for caring…


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2 Responses to progress…

  1. Margaret E Sims says:

    I’m so happy that you’re doing so well, Philip. You sound in better shape than me. LOL Seriously, you’re doing everything right. Once the stress of the B & B is overwith, I think you’ll be a whole new person. Just staying at Shadow Lake will be enough R & R for you both. You take care, okay?

  2. Thank you once again, Peggy… I do promise to take care… in so far as that depends on me… 🙂

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