more like 3 days off…. :)

Philip is really not used to  taking days off.… much less  three  in a row!!!!  After the big birthday bash on  7/2… there was the actual birth-day  7/3… followed by everybody who was at  Shadow Lake  coming down to  Morrisville  to watch the big  4th of July Parade  here… then  every one of us  heading back to Shadow Lake for a big cookout hosted by Ellen’s buddy Beverly and her husband Stewart from NH…   Like I said… this lifestyle of enjoying family and friends is not normal for the Philipmeister….   🙂

I would have loved to  engage  in some conversation about the stuff rattling thru my head about how God  did not  dictate the bible… how  He did not  take over the writer’s bodies/souls/spirits  and do some kind of   “automatic writing thingy”  … but… that conversation never happened…. at least till now…  I gotta say very simply that God gives each one of us  free will  and will never  force us  to do anything… much less  put words  in our mouths that we have no control over.

He  inspires  us… He  speaks  to our hearts…  we experience  Him… and in that process we learn to  hear His voice… but Philip is still Philip… exactly where Philip is today… where Philip is  today  on his  journey  into God… growing and learning and changing every day… I’ve talked about all this before…. but… let me throw another word out there that God  never, never, ever  does…  do you know this word…?    it is   “channeling”… and this is what it means.

“The practice of channeling — a person’s body being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication — has been around for millennia. There are countless stories of shamen, witch doctors, prophets and others who claim to hear voices or receive some supernatural knowledge from the spirit world. Channelers, also sometimes known as psychic mediums, often use what are called “spirit guides,” friendly spirits who give them knowledge and help them on their spiritual journeys.”

Somehow…. I don’t think I am finished talking about this… quite yet….


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