staying positive…

Ellen has been challenging this old fella to write about the  positive  things that are happening out there… not the negative  things…  sounds like good advice….  🙂

So… I will basically leave the  channeling thing  alone…and not go after anything that is a part of that  other spirit world …  but…. with a very strong suggestion to stay away from all the different ways  people dabble  in that spirit world… there are many of them… any involvement in any way at all… really messes people’s lives up…  big time.

Much better to simply walk with the  Holy Spirit  and follow  His  inspirations, guidance and directions… where we can discover more and more about our Father and His wonderful Son.. as well as Their  eternal purpose and plan  for our lives….

Often times that  plan  involves long periods of simply  waiting on Him  to act… waiting on Him to bring about  the next step  in the journey…  to arrange the circumstances…and His perfect timing.

We are presently involved in one of those  waiting periods…  just enjoying each other, family and friends… as well as  each next step  in this exciting journey called… life...

Now that is certainly much more positive than Philip talking on and on about all the  horrors  that come from involvement with that  other spirit world


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