of boxes and things…

No matter  what size box  I tried to fit God into (none of which  ever did contain Him)…  I still kept on trying  for about  40 years … to  find the right box… I mean… that is what my  natural man   is all about… if I can fit Him into  my box  then what the snake said in the Garden is true… I will be as God… knowing good and evil.  Every box I ever put together made Philip  right  and the rest of Christianity  wrong…  Philip  became the person  who decided what was right and what was wrong.   It was Philip’s box… it contained all the truth  about how God works  in people’s lives.

Our Father loves us… He is the  onliest one  who knows exactly how to  reach me... and the  onliest one  who knows exactly  how to reach  all the others out there that He sent His Son to die for…  each of God’s  totally unique  snowflakes… none of us  the same…  He reaches each of us  differently.   Of course… Philip knows  exactly how God reached him… which Philip quickly translates into  “this is the way God works with all of humanity”…   NOT…!!!!!

He simply  reveals Himself  the way  He knows  will speak to each specific heart.  Sorry that it took me  so long  to get to this point… (which is the  beginning  by the way – not the end)….  it  never  ends…

Anyway, this is the reason that Philip just   “tell his stories”... they are stories about all the different ways that  Father has revealed Himself  to Philip… the stories about Philip’s  experiences… Philip’s  journey  into more and more of Him…. no more boxes


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