how many times…?

I wonder  how many times  Philip has talked about how his  natural man  needs to be put thru the  death process… how pride is the  very essence  of our humanity… that thing in me that would  “be as God”.

So what happens?   I get an email from my friend  Bodie, forwarding a newsletter from a friend of his, who is talking about just finding a book at a neighborhood rummage sale… a book that he had first read 40 years ago…. he re-read it and had to write about it.

The book was titled “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows” by Paul Billheimer… a book that Philip had read when it was first published back in 1977… (hmmmm… that was 40 years ago)….   🙂

This was a quote his friend took from the book… I’ve said before how much I enjoy finding people who agree with me…  🙂   I will be saying more in my next posting…   🙂

“Self-centeredness is the very essence of sin and misery and results in self-destruction. It is the core of hostility, and hostility is the…hallmark and essence of hell…In bringing the individual into the likeness of His Son, God must decentralize him.”
“Sometimes, to suffer failure is the only way one can be decentralized. Sometimes the suffering of adversity, catastrophic disaster, and utter loss is necessary to produce meekness, compassion, and selflessness…

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