getting closer…

This week will be our last  “busy week”  for the B&B… when  next weekend  is gone… there will be only 28 days left till  shutdown… and  only 8 of those days  will Philip need to get up to cook some breakfasts… !!!!

My personal  yo/yo  yay/boo  health situation has caused me to wonder  several times  if I would be able to even  handle  the few breakfasts we have left.  My  huffy/puffys are  really weird  and continue to keep me in  deep conversations  with the Lord.  Then last night… I thought for sure that  the Lord had healed me… I was breathing like a  normal person  again…all night long…. this after  3 nights in a row  with no sleep at all…

I put my feet up in the morning before taking my shower… and this  wheezy thingy  came all over me like a flood… I struggled  to breathe  just like most days.  Managed to get thru serving the breakfast… then went up for my next feet up session … it was about  as bad as it gets… again… more deep conversation with the Lord… more wondering what this one is all about.

Fortunately I have this incredible  wife  who encourages me and loves on me all the time… then a visit just before lunch from  my buddy  John Turner… more encouragement… then another friend Kenny, who also  blogs,  sent out his latest posting… ending with this:

“Today, focus on who Jesus is. Give thanks that only Jesus, who rescued us from sin and death, is able to give us true joy and fulfillment.”

This quickly reminded me of the  4,698 times  I have talked about the  imposters  of winning/losing – triumph/tragedy – etc/etc…. then added … healed/not healed

The spirit of discouragement that had been jumping all around me during the day… left… and I was full of His joy again.


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