another long nite…

…and the nite did go  very very slowly…. no sleep again yet one more time… hoping for a breakthrough tonight…. I feel mostly like I’m just  plain old tired!    🙂

Was very excited yesterday, when Ellen  came back  from the Lake Cottage with my 40 year old  copy of   “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows”.  The timing for this is pretty good what with all that  is happening  and all that  is not happening  right now. If I can wake up enough tomorrow to focus,  I may just get started…  I expect to  discover  a whole bunch of neat things. When I first read this book I was a totally different person   than I am today.

40 years  is a long time … with thousands more of experiences with the Lord where He has  changed me  year after year after year…  I went thru this kind of thing when Bodie  re-introduced me  to  T. Austin Sparks... one of my  “Deeper Life” authors… way back in the beginning of the  bookstore..  Sparks was part of the reason we incorporated a 501c3 non-profit as   Deeper Life, Inc.   Then Bodie helped me  get rid  of those old religious glasses  I always wore… and I looked at the same words… words I had been so totally excited about back in 1969… and they meant  something completely different today…. and next year…. and….

I said a little about the book the other day… on July 8th… so… this is going to be fun talking about the differences between then and now as I work my way thru the book…. Hope you will enjoy taking this little journey with me… as I walk back thru the last 40 years…


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