a little change in plans…

My health issues over the past 7 days have caused a little change in my “Musings” plans… Ellen made an appointment for me for this morning to check me out about all my huffy/puffys – sleeplessness – pound a day weight gain – shortness of breath – etc.  This check-up resulted in Dr. Kiely sending us over to Copley Hospital and checking in once again.  Fortunately it is not another Cellulitis infection.

Major concern is the water buildup creating the weight gain and dangers to my heart.  So I am here getting my water eliminated… which hopefully will only take a couple of days.  Meanwhile I have had extensive blood tests and I am hooked up to several things dripping slowly into my veins…  🙂

I should have plenty of time to re-read   “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows”  over these next couple days   So I hope to start writing my reflections sometime on the ‘morrow.

Meanwhile… think about the old fella from time to time… maybe even throw up a few prayers to get Philip past this latest health issue…. and for the grace Ellen will need, yet once again, to get past this latest development….  Thanks….


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8 Responses to a little change in plans…

  1. bodie says:

    Thinking about and praying for you….

  2. Margaret E Sims (Peggy) says:

    I’m so sorry about your health issues, Philip. I just want you to be able to retire from the B & B and live at the lake for a while and move to your daughter and her family. You’ve both worked so hard for this. You’re both in my thoughts and prayers. I will put you on my church prayer list. Take care my friends.

  3. Praying for you and Ellen. You are in the right place for now–praying for His healing and grace to show up. May His peace fill you both as you trust Him.

  4. You have our prayers Phil !

  5. thanks kenny… 🙂

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