congestive heart failure…

I used to think that those words meant that somebody  had just died  and  this  is  how they died...  they died of   “Congestive Heart Failure”  …. but learned today that those words actually mean… just  another disease  that can be treated… and… since it is this  disease  that  Philip has…. I am pleased to also discover it is very  treatable.... which my primary doctor and heart doctor have discussed together and they came up with a plan… I shall call it Plan A… knowing full well how plans change and by morning we may have moved along to  Plan B…   🙂

Part of Plan A was the removal of all the  water  that had built up in my system over the past 7 days… that has been  accomplished…  and medication for  blood pressure  has been changed and also a  new medication  added to help keep all this under control… it is a monitored balancing act … that Ellen has completely understood..  (she is amazing)  she has  learned all the details  of how the heart works…so…anyone interested in details  will have to talk to her…  🙂

My job is to make sure I take all the  correct  meds and  not ever use  a salt shaker again… I think I can handle that !!!    🙂

The last part of  Plan A  is that Philip will be  released tomorrow... unless something strange appears in the morning  blood-work... which is not expected.

Looking forward to writing tomorrow night from our Morrisville house!


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