Plan A is a go….

a full morning of tests… blood drawn early for a workup… vitals all checked… headed downstairs for machine tests in a wheelchair… laying quietly on a board moving slowly in and out of a cylinder…  laying motionless with a huge bonnet rotating slowly inches above my nose that is taking  “pictures”….. new oral medications… also a variety of liquids entering a port in the top of my right hand… meeting with my cardiac doctor…  taking his stress test…  actually thought the morning would never end… especially with his words that he would like me to stay another night while he evaluated all the tests and tied them together…

I did make a few noises about the stay-over…  🙂   the doctor said he would hold on his decision until Ellen and I met with the nutritionist… (although I think the  essential  in that was that Ellen had to be there)…   🙂     He also said he would be meeting with Dr.Kiely and they would let us know.

Had a great chat with Kiely… learned many things… got released…  blessed and thankful to be back home now… once again learning to live in another whole different way…  “in so far as it depends upon me, I will… learn to live differently…”      we are so thankful for everything that He has done for us during all this… 🙂


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