the day after…

It was great to be back at home… back with Ellen… back in our own bed… the only negative thing was the silly sleep patterns that have been established with all the trips upstairs to put my feet up.  I have talked about this new lifestyle before… 2 hours rest and then 2/3 hours eat/work… all day… all night…. which, this morning,  left me wide awake at 5:00am and no choice but to get up and get started to serve our 8:30 breakfast… it would not work to go back upstairs to rest again at 7:00/8:00… since that is the serious prep and serving time,

Decided to try to just break the habit and re-train my sleep cycles…  grind it out and just maybe take one nap during the day.  Sounded like a good plan… except I went from there into one of the weirdest physical days I’ve had so far… finding myself drowsy… dizzy… light-headed… tired… achey… and coughing. Ellen is concerned.  “What’s wrong?” she asks.  So I tell her.

A few minutes later she calls me and has me sit down in the kitchen.  She then reads me the list of possible side affects from my 2 new medications,  It was hilarious… each of the two meds had the identical list that I just wrote out above…   🙂

These theoretically should be disappearing as my body adjusts to the new medications.  We shall see.  We all know that it is never over… until it is over.


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