Like everything else that religion does to  complicate  really simple things…prayer is up there near the top of the list.  Philip would like to try once again to  simplify… this time it is our understanding of  prayer...  Prayer is simply me talking to my Father... and I need to talk to Him.  Prayer is not  to  get things… not to get  what I want   from God… or persuade Him to give me what I want or do what I want Him to do…. none of that stuff.  It is simply having a conversation with my Dad about anything I want to talk to Him about… and it all comes out of my  relationship with Him.

It is based on my   understanding  that He is, in fact,  in absolute control of everything… it is also based on my knowing He  absolutely loves me  to pieces… and that He has a  plan  for my life… He is taking me somewhere…

Within our relationship I am free to tell Him whatever I want to… like… I really hate the huffy/puffys… maybe you could touch me so I can breathe again… isn’t 3 trips to the hospital enough for one year.. what do you want me to see in all this….  we just talk …  that’s what Jesus did… talked to His Father… all the time…

 “Father, if you are willing…. remove this cup from me….  Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.”     What Jesus wants is Father’s will.  What Philip wants is Father’s will. That is the bottom line…. I may not enjoy what is going on… and I am free to express my   druthers  to Him but… bottom line… I want what He wants.

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray… remember?…. “…Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…..”   Really… this is not rocket science…  so simple..

What a way to live..


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2 Responses to prayer…

  1. floydclay says:

    That I may know him…

    • that is how it happens… loved what you sent from “Sparks” hopefully we keep “talking” to Father… learning… and getting to this: “….. when you get the fulness of Christ it will all be inward. It will all be Christ in your heart. That will mean that you have come to the place where nothing outside matters. All things which are supposed to represent Christ on the outside, all evidences, all proofs, all systems, have gone, and you have Christ in fulness. That is where Paul was at the end. Everything on the outside went. All they in Asia turned from him, and so on. But he had come to the place where it was all inside. Christ was the fulness within.”

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