oh my….

After my little  day off  yesterday,  I thought I would be  back at it  today…  instead I found myself in the  prone position  just  resting and resting… sometimes  even going off into a deep sleep.  Then… yet another surprise… this person named Ellen that God put into my life  50 years ago… the lady who then said  yes  when I proposed to her… this lady who has become  my best friend  in all the world… this lady went totally  out there  today…

While I was sleeping, she went out and bought me the  identical Lazy Boy  to the one she got me for the Lake.  She knew I was not sleeping well, getting some back issues and just wanted to bless me.   Voila!!!


I fell asleep immediately and was in la-la land for 2 hours…  I am enjoying getting acquainted with my new chair.  Ellen’s plan was to give me a place to sleep here in Morrisville without having to haul myself up and down the stairs…. (the sofa just wasn’t doing it)…  then… when we actually move…. this chair will go down to Wenham with us.

Looking forward to becoming  good friends  with my new chair… and…  staying thankful for my  best friend , Ellen,  that the Lord put into my life, so many years ago.


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