quick note…

My former  partner  from the restaurant business, Tony DiMauro… who moved with us from N.J. back in 1984 as part of our  church planting  in Vermont… then returned to Jersey when the thing came apart… has visited us from time to time over the years… this time Tony and his wife Ruth came up to spend the weekend and  catch up  on everything happening in our lives.

I was going to  skip writing  anything tonight but… I couldn’t sleep because of all the  “stim”  from our night of sharing our lives… so I got up to write a quick little note.  Our visit so far has shown how important our   relationships  are… and once built,,, you kind of just pick up where you  left off.  All that one on one time over the years, brings pretty awesome results… we talked about all we have been seeing about the importance of that in building one another up in love… wonderful sharing of  Life

There was much more tonight as well… and we are looking forward to our time together tomorrow and on Sunday until they head back to Jersey…  gotta love it!

Always amazed at how the Lord continues to intertwine our lives with others… and it is always  His perfect timing…   I’m sure there will be much coming from this weekend, for Philip to  Muse about  over these next few days… so… I’ll be back…   🙂


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