the enemy…

I was telling the DiMauro’s  the story  about when my  mom asked me what she had done  that was so terrible  that God was  punishing her  with all this pain… I also told them the story of our neighbor coming to tell us her horror stories from work one day… concluding with much the same thinking… what terrible things have these people done that  God is punishing them  this way… then I read a story that Bodie sent me me the other day… same thing... awful things happened to this guy… a Vietnam vet… he did some awful things himself… guilt running rampant… only difference was  he felt he deserved  all the  punishment  God was handing out to him…

Then I thought about what I wrote the other day…   “The more all this  “physical stuff”  comes at me… ripping and tearing… trying to discourage me… defeat me… destroy me…”     All this ugly stuff happening is not  punishment  …  It is God’s enemy attacking us... trying to kill and destroy everything that God has created and called good.

My suggestion is that we learn something about spiritual warfare… and begin to “take it to him”  from our positions  up the mountain.

“I bring the fullness of your work—your cross, resurrection, and ascension—against Satan… against his kingdom… against all his emissaries and against all their work warring against you… warring against me… warring against my family and friends… warring against my business…. for greater is he who is in me… than he who is in the world….”

Not a bad place to start…. more tomorrow…


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