double dipping…

Seems that Philip is once again looking at a night of hour-on/hour-off  and just not  falling asleep  … so here I am…  it is 2:00am… and I am still  so full  from our weekend with the DiMauro’s, I figure, what the heck… I’ll just  double dip  tonight and take one of these things running around in there and do a  second musing.  Hopefully…  you will find it a  pleasant diversion  from the warfare issue.

As my health has been deteriorating over the past 4 years, Ellen has taken on more and more of the  responsibility of communicating  with our guests at our B&B…. to the place where she was now operating as the  front  of the business… while Philip was hidden away in the  back  dealing with reservations, emails, deposits, bookkeeping, bill paying and the like…  and Ellen was really getting good at it.

Ellen was  “telling the stories”  instead of Philip… and folks were loving it.  So… over the weekend here with the DiMauro’s, Ellen has been sharing our stories and tons-a-bunches of her own stories… and Philip is working at hearing the stories that he knows so well… lived thru all of them. But… because I am so  “out of it” … I am so up and down and in and out… I needed to focus much more on each story… suddenly I realized that the Lord was trying to  show me something  thru this.

When Ellen got to the stories of her life at the school where she was teaching, it began to  click in.  After we left the cult up here, Ellen experienced a new freedom… especially at the school… and I was hearing her old stories, wearing  different glasses  now.  Story after story… where  “things”  just happened …  day after day … between her and the other teachers, the principle, the staff, the students, the parents… all in the normal course of the day’s activity… the Lord would stick something  on her plate… Ellen would deal with it… out of  who she is… out of her  relationship  with the Lord and  awesome things  would come out of each plateful.

It was many years later when Philip was  sitting up at the Lake and talking to the Lord about all the new things He had been showing me… and asking Him what it was that He wanted me  to do  with all this stuff… and He spoke the words that once again caused a major change in my walk with Him.

“Philip… just be who you are… where you are….”



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