latest report…

Thought it was time to bring you up to date on my health issues.  I get twice a week visits now from Home Health where the nurse checks my vitals… asks questions… interacts with our responses… makes suggestions… then sends notes to Dr. Kiely.  Today’s visit brought a call from the good doctor, advising me to double my  Furosemide  to eliminate more water. My weight is back up to 206 which means 10 lbs of water has returned… so we are back working on  pulling that out  of my waist, knees and legs…

Home Health is sending a nurse again tomorrow to go over  P/T things  with me, so I wait to see what that will bring.  Also happy to report that I fell  asleep  this afternoon and was out like a rock… first time in what seems like ages.  Hoping that will happen  more and more  often.  I really need to  sleep  and not just  rest...    🙂

My huffy/puffys seem to be improving one minute… then back to awful the next minute….  my appetite no longer exists… I was eating these  small little portions  and now find myself putting  half my portion  back in the fridge to eat as some other meal.

I have also stepped up my  warfare  since I began  Musing  about it recently.  Feel free to join me  “up the mountain”  tonight as I  proclaim  this truth to principalities and powers.

 “Jesus… I receive you as my King… my authority… the ruler of my life… you are my everlasting victory over Satan and his kingdom… I receive all the work and triumph of your ascension….  Satan has been judged and cast down… his rulers and authorities disarmed and paraded before your people in humiliation as captives… as your defeated foes. …You have destroyed the works of the devil…. I proclaim this to principalities and powers… as truth… as fact… as DONE … and shout it from the housetops!”


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