a good report…

We got a pretty good report today from the Home Health Physical Therapist, as she put  the Philip  thru a variety of tests and stretches.  Bottom line all seems to just come back to my breathing and sleep issues.  The P/T lady will be back on Thursday with some more hoops for me to jump thru… the regular Home Health nurse will also visit again on Thursday… gonna be a busy day…

When that has ended, Ellen is taking me up to the Lake for the weekend where I will be able to function on one floor level by myself, while she heads down to Wenham with her car once again loaded to the gills with stuff to unpack in our new apartment there. Our old friend Bill (who has the guest record with us of 152 stays),  is driving up Friday morning to the Lake in his truck (pulling his trailer), which will both then be loaded with the furniture that’s up here for the Wenham apartment. They will then head down to Wenham and unload.

Ellen will be setting up our new apartment over the weekend and then returning sometime on Monday.  My sister-in-law Lin will be checking up on me from time to time on the weekend and then driving me back to Morrisville on Monday.

My responsibility will be taking care of the  “War Department”  over the weekend… where I once again invite you to join me in another of my  attack prayers…    🙂

Jesus… thank you for your authority to overcome all the power of the Evil One….we bring your authority against every enemy and banish them in your name…. the name above every name… we enter today’s adventures… today’s battles… taking the offensive and coming against the very gates of hell… which will NOT prevail… the gates and the walls shall come down… they MUST come down… we have crossed the Jordan…. Jericho is defeated…. Satan’s works are destroyed…. IT IS FINISHED!


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