yet another day…

looking forward to both of my  Home Health  visits tomorrow… always something exciting to talk about…   🙂      Had my usual hour-on/hour-off  rests  again last night… then something different… after I showered about 7:00am… I had my usual tiny little breakfast  (one egg over easy with a slice of Muenster, on top of half an English muffin)…. tried to drink some coffee but may just forget that part of my life very shortly as I look for a replacement morning drink…  🙂

Opened up my computer world to see what was going on… and started getting tired.  By 9:00 I am in my Lazy-Boy and before I realize it, I am grogging my eyes open and it is 11:30…. let’s try this again…

So I check my computer world once again, do a couple things… and suddenly it is 12:30 and time for my little lunch  (you don’t want to know what I eat for lunch!)    🙂    Regardless, I can now only eat half of what was a normal lunch for me a couple weeks back….. then… I am  groggin’ out  again…  so I throw in the towel, climb back into my Lazy-Boy a little after 1:00 and pass out yet one more time… when my eyes open, it is now almost 4:00…

Makes for a wonderful topic for my visitors from Home Health tomorrow….  it will be even more interesting should I have a sleep session like that during the night tonight.   🙂

Can you believe that my world has gotten  this small…!!!

Tomorrow afternoon we will head off for that weekend at the Lake… and another major step towards our  “Move from Mo’ville”   will begin…  Hopefully some remaining pieces will start to come together on our house soon…  We  shall see… and Philip shall report in….  🙂


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