two if by sea… :)

ok… I think I see… and understand Kie-ly… that the attack will be.. upon the sea… of water that has entered me…  🙂  🙂  🙂

the good doctor seems to have responded to my plea… and is as concerned as me…  about the 12 pounds of water that has come in since 7/1/17… but who is counting !!!!

Any sympathy?    🙂Photo on 8-2-17 at 2.16 PM.jpgEllen just went out the door to pick up my new water meds… this is designed to totally, aggressively eliminate water from my body thru my kidneys  (which are functioning just the way they are supposed to)… no kidney issues.

I can even take a little shake of salt on my food from the salt shaker and once again will be able to eat food that tastes like the food is supposed to taste.    🙂   the salt concern is about all the pre-packed food that folks eat which is loaded with salt…. but we don’t buy pre-packaged foods….   🙂

Can’t hardly wait for the reversal to kick in and start knocking off a pound or two a day… I will let you know….


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